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Fiberglass Driveway Makers
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  • Our snow stakes are of the highest quality and are great for other purposes such as driveway markers, land and survey marking, walk-way and crowd control, landscaping and more. Our snow stakes come in three colors, orange, green and blue, although our orange snow stakes are the most popular. Available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths.

    Plow Stakes are highly flexible and will always return to their original position. Corrosion free and UV resistant fiberglass shafts. Our fiberglass is sturdy enough to with stand the rigors of year round use.No maintenance required.

    Cheap imitation snow stakes are thinner and break when hit by snow plows, trucks and cars. Cheap snow stakes also have caps that rust and square bottoms - some don't even come with reflective tape! Our Fiberglass Snow Stakes have beveled ends for easy ground penetration, a non-rusting protective cap and a 6" highly reflective strip for increased visibilty during the day and night.

    Don't experience high-cost property damage and don't be fooled by low-cost imitations. Use snow stakes & driveway markers to mark off your property perimeter. Get ready for winter months by marking your driveway, streets, sidewalks and anywhere damage can occur or path visibility is need. Order extra and let us know of new ways you found to use our quality snow stakes.

     Features and advantages:

    Sturdy enough, Highly flexible

    Corrosion free
    UV resistant
    No-rust protective cap

    5" ,6" ,8" ,9" ,10" High viscosity reflective tape

      Our stakes have 50% more high viscosity reflective 

      tape around the top than most of our competitors.

    Beveled edge for easily penetrating tough ground

    5/16" diameter, Available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths.

    Our snow stakes colors: orange, red, green ,yellow, white,    

     black and blue...

    Fiberglass Plow Stakes can be used to mark the boundry 

    of whatever you want. Not just for snow plowing, Highly 

    reflective Driveway Markers provide an excellent solution 

    for marking hidden boundaries or obstacle covered by 

    snow or seasonal vegetation.Applications include:

    Marking snow removal hazards or boundaries
    Marking mowing hazards or boundaries
    Marking property boundaries
    Color-coding and marking gardens
    Many more...

    Popular sizes of Huahao Fiberglass snow stakes, Driveway makers:

    Fiberglass Snow Stake
    Diameters (inch)
    Length (Feet)
    coloredcaps5678.jpg 1/4 3,4
    4, 5, 6, 8
    4, 5, 6, 8
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